protean Approach to retail

Our approach to retail is and always has been dynamically different

“The difference between visionary retail brands and brands that have to fight for every dollar of margin, lies in the fundamental understanding of the business they are in – great retailers don’t deliver experiences in order to sell stuff. They sell stuff to amplify experiences.”

Purchase behaviour

We view the store exclusively from the view the point of view of the customer, which almost invariably transcends the merchandise or the environment or the service. It is an amalgam of all three in a classic case of one + one + one = much more than three

Fundamentally, we have found that purchase behavior is dictated by the intrinsic experiential needs of the customer (the way he or she needs the shopping exercise to play out) rather than their extrinsic need for the merchandise they buy:

If people were driven by the merchandise they buy, they would always buy from the cheapest, closest outlet. But they don’t. And we believe we know why.

Experiential Branding of Retail Businesses

It’s not news that retailers need to focus on the overall experience of their stores. But it is news for many retailers that the in-store experience is only one input into how the customer will judge the store. And, because it is a “co-created” experience it is fickle and hard to control: the way a person experiences the store depends enormously on how the person is experiencing the world at that moment: are they in a hurry, did they forget to pick up the children, did they just cash the three million dollar lottery check, did they just have a fight with their husband? All of these factors, entirely out of your control, will have more impact on your brand than any pre-designed brand impact points (such as greeters, or music or fantastic merchandising style, etc.).

There is one thing that you can control: the expectation that will be the primary lens through which the experience is seen

Co-creation impact model













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