Text Box: Our philosophy: Operationalization and process alignment
Brands are attitudinal judgments formed by experience – experience of the advertising, experience with the product/ service, the experience of hearing what their friends say about the brand, and most importantly, the experience of the feelings the brand triggers internally.
Successful Experiential brands
There are three components to the process of building successful experiential brands:
Creating  clear, unambiguous expectations of the experience
Consistently delivering a relevant, differentiated experience, either in whole or (more likely) in parts
Ensuring that the experience is “merchandized” to the customer and highlights the brand
Brand operationalization
The discipline of identifying or innovating key events or interactions (Brand Spikes) that have the most likelihood of being experienced as different and special, and which, when seen as a whole, powerfully deliver the Relevant Differentiated Experience. We then determine (strategically) how and at what point in the consumption experience these Spike Moments can be (intentionally) delivered (Impact Points).
As brand developers, we are interested in ensuring that our products and services deliver differentiated experiences every time the customer, client or stakeholder interacts with the brand. To do this we must do three important things:
Understand how the experience  impacts clients (how the client will experience it and what need it will meet), as they progress along a continuum of experiences that we call the Customer Odyssey
Identify existing brand impact points, identify and innovate brand spikes
Then make sure the organization is ready, willing and anxious to consistently deliver these experiences by aligning business processes to the brand