Who is it for

Our results and studies clearly show that a focused and compelling purpose brought to life by the right corporate culture is essential to a company’s success. While team members can embrace your company’s purpose and its culture and while it can be operationalized, the challenge associates face today is the overwhelming increase in information and responsibilities which dilutes their, and your organization’s, effectiveness. Positions within organizations where this is most pronounced are where there is a higher degree of variability and where positions are directly tied to financials results. We call these positions and people “Problem Solvers”.

While our program incorporates the fundamentals of every role, it is not entry level training. Our program is designed to help those who understand and employ the fundamentals of their roles to evolve into strategic leaders of your business, regardless of whether they manage people or not. It is specifically for those who can execute plans to a successful conclusion.

What the program does

There is substantial difference between efficiency and effectiveness. Efficiency is accomplishing something with the least waste of time and effort. Effectiveness is producing the intended or expected result. It does not matter how efficient a person is at a task, if they are not effective, they can never be efficient. Our program starts with helping people to be effective. In doing so, it helps participants to more clearly see where they need to be more efficient, why it is valuable to do so and how they can do so on their own (leaders have initiative) which, in turn, leads them to do so for your organization.

Our program delivers the following:

1. Helps people develop a vision for themselves that motivates them, that they will commit to, and that better aligns them to contributing to customers, stakeholders and your corporate objectives.

2. Empowers people with a strategic planning process that helps people identify the path to evolving themselves into a strategic business leader. The process helps people progress from the onset while ensuring an accountability that rewards and reinforces people’s commitment to their vision. Additionally, our strategic process delivers this critical benefit: it embeds a strategic solution based approach and attitude which is carried forward through to working others. In sales environments, this strategic approach is the key differentiator of top tier performers and our belief is in today’s environment, every leader is a salesperson whether customer facing or not.

3. Creates an ongoing process that works with the mind to ensure positive and growing momentum so people stay focused and committed while they grow into their most effective selves.