About us

Protean Strategies is the evolution of a single idea

To be an extraordinary consulting firm stimulating out of the box thinking among interesting associates for the benefit of exceptional clients

In the twelve years since Laurence Bernstein first laid out that mission, we have been helping for- and not-for profit organizations achieve their goals by fusing the attitudes, beliefs and needs of the marketplace with those of the organization and the stakeholders.

Our focus

We help organizations become more effective by aligning the business to customer and stakeholder experiences

What we do


Developing and executing innovative research techniques to address linear and complex business issues. The objective of our research is to understand how consumers experience and understand the business, the product, the category and the world they live in.

Brand innovation

Go to market strategies are developed by mashing a thorough and meaningful understanding of the people in the world, with a laser-like sense of the mission, vision and values of the organization. Partnering with our clients we define the resulting value propositions in experiential terms: not what the organization does for the customer, but how the customer experiences the organization holistically. We identify the most motivating, differentiating experience† enjoyed by consumers, and use this as the central idea that will qualitatively inform all aspects of the organizationís go to market strategy. This central idea is often called the brand essence.

Align and Operationalize

A go to market strategy needs to be operationalized by aligning business processes with the brand essence. We work with our clients to design services and innovate products to maximize the potential inherent in the brand essence. And we identify the impact points at which customers are most likely to experience the brand and make sure that there are no barriers in the organizational process to inhibit these moments.