Text Box: protean Approach to LGBTQ niche
Over the years protean has developed a global reputation as a source for LGBTQ niche strategies. Together with out partners, double platinum llc (Stephanie Blackwood and Arthur Korant) we developed consumer based LGBTQ strategies for major global brands such as ING, IBM, Allstate Insurance, Lexus, Cadillac, and have completed numerous large and small LGBTQ research projects.
Fundamentally our experience has convinced us that there are two key strategic imperatives when developing a strategy to gain market presence and market share in this (potentially) profitable niche.
1. Are you ready?
This is the walk, talk the talk part of the approach. If your organization is not prepared to regard the LGBTQ niche strategy with the same level of enthusiasm (and expectation) as any other niche strategy, then you are not ready. There must be a powerful business case, with clear and defined exit strategies should the goals not be met, as well as confident celebration when the goals are met. Organizations that introduce LGBTQ strategies as a secondary, below the radar effort to “target” the “Pink Dollar,” generally fail.
2. Develop a strategy in exactly the same way you would for any other segment
Develop products and services that are actually designed for the specific needs of the segment
Translate these features, attributes and benefits into meaningful brand experience
Develop a consistently supported brand promise
Communicate the position not by “targeting gays and lesbians”, but by connecting with the community   
Four essential questions
1. Can products and services be contextualized to be relevant to gay and lesbian customers because they are gay or lesbian? 
2. Is the Gay/Lesbian target large enough to warrant an investment? 
3. Are Gay/Lesbian consumers reachable through communications channels?
4. How can your business leverage diversity to build market share and claim consumer loyalty in the Gay and Lesbian market?
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