Text Box: Our philosophy About brands and branding
“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”
				Maya Angelou
Our Core Beliefs About brands
We believe that brands are constructs in the minds of individuals, and that what we call a “brand” is the sum total of information about the company, product or person,  mashed into the totality of each person’s experiences, attitudes and beliefs. What the “brand” does is inform, or provide the lens through which people evaluate specific products, companies, people, etc. Your personal brand will determine how each person responds to you; Pepsi’s brand determines how people, individually, will respond to products, messages or experiences labeled Pepsi.
In a practical sense, what we call the “brand” is the way your are judged by each individual: do they like you, do they trust you, do you have what they need, do they want to do business with you
Branding is the process:
...of putting in place factors that will result in most of the target judging you positively most of the time (Click for more about branding)
An un-operationalized brand 
...is like the sound of one hand clapping 
(Click for more about operationalization, actualization and activation)
...the brand is the experience is the  business is the brand
A successful brand ...
...is the end result of a customer focused business model in every business or organization
An actualized business…
...is one where the business processes are aligned with the brand essence
	(click for more about business actualizing)