Why We’re Different


Our Belief About Experiential Brands

s The experience is the brand, and your brand is your business

s Brands are about creating emotional connections; over 50% of purchase decisions are emotionally based

s Experiential branding is the discipline of translating features and benefits into meaningful experiences, and converting those into consistently delivered services and standards

Our Belief About Hospitality Brands

s Great hotel brands speak directly to the heart of guests

s Great hotel brands constantly surprises and delight in big and small ways

s Great hotel brands excel in mass localization: articulating a central brand idea through a network of intimate, locally devised and uniquely relevant experiences

s Hotel advertising and communication must trigger the emotionality of the experience

Our Belief About Differentiation

s There are two predictors of brand success: relevance and differentiation

s There are very few products that somebody cannot copy exactly and sell for a little less or improve on and sell for the same price

s Creating a Relevant Differentiated Experience© is the only means of creating sustainable differentiation