Text Box: Our philosophy: conditions for success
Strategic Rain
Strategic rain falls when five key conditions for success exist: Intuition, Perspective, Focus, Insight and Innovation.
1. Intuition
Protean is a unique collection of professionals who form a powerful think tank, sourcing ideologies and principles from a wide variety of disciplines and from around the world. Harnessing this intellectual energy results in fresh insights that challenge accepted marketing norms, and lead to powerful new solution.
2. Perspective
Across industries, generations, cultures and borders we have a proven track record of applying strategic thinking to a wide variety of experiential brands. Turning many formidable challenges into successful opportunities for our clients, researching across all segments of today's global consumers, and sitting at the feet of some brand-building legends has taught us the real-world fundamentals of what makes some brands famous, and what causes others to fail.
3. Focus
We focus on one thing only: your brand and how to grow its value and improve its reputation. Because we never take a vested interest in execution - we don't design logos, ads, PR campaigns, websites, direct response or promotional programs - our strategic counsel will always remain objective, universal and completely integrated.
4. Insight
To understand the rational and emotional drivers of opinions and brand choice, we work with an array of proven and innovative methodologies. We leverage existing knowledge bases and then customize our approach to each clients' unique situation, budget and objectives. Methods may include ethnographic studies semiotics, usage and attitude studies, brand experience auditing, in-store experience interviews, think tanks, in-depth interviews with relevant experts, tracking studies, or Inner Directives - MBTI, a proprietary technique which involves gaining archetypal insights with an experienced Jungian psychoanalyst.
5. Innovation
As paradoxical as it may sound, a disciplined approach to innovation is critical in building consistently successful strategies. At protean, the engagement process involves three phases: discovery, where together we immerse ourselves in the project, gaining and sharing new insight; innovation, where together we immerses ourselves in the project, gaining and sharing new insight; innovation, where we explore all possible options for positioning the brand to grow, then validate, refine and select the best course of action; and operationalization, where we integrate the brand strategy into the enterprise - operationally, culturally and profitably.